Solitary Tree (Simple Colour Infrared)

Solitary Tree
Solitary Tree

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Solitary Tree by Mike Jackobo

A solitary tree stands on a clearing of a forest. I took the photo at the former royal grounds in Tatoi, north of Athens. This was not the only tree in that clearing. Taking a photo of them though, would be like doing an exercise in the effects of infrared.

This solitary tree though was a strong subject by itself. Its twisted form and scarce leaves are in contrast to the healthy, straight trees of the forest in the background. I have enhanced this contrast by the sky with its branches, so that it draws attention to itself. This is something important when there are many visual elements in the frame. Always make sure that the subject of the photo fills as much area in the picture as possible, else it will be lost in the clutter.

The colour infrared I used in order to make the photograph, creates a painting like quality to the image. I have found that to be the case in many of my infrared photos, either film or digital. The surrealism of this technique fools the mind, and the viewer perceives it not as a representation of reality but as an interpretation created from nothing.

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