Scarecrow (Found object on a Marshland)


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Scarecrow on a Marshland by Mike Jackobo

A scarecrow on a marshland at Oidiades, east of Mesolonghi. To be honest, it has been a lot of years since I last saw a scarecrow. They are used by farmers to keep away birds from their fields, especially during the sowing season.

Contrary to the normal use of it, I saw this one on a marshland, next to the road to Louros. The only thing in hte area that has to do with farming, are some cows that graze there; I don’t thing that they are afraid by birds of any size though. So in a sense, it can be considered a found object.

There is another, less impressive scarecrow in the opposite side of the road. A thing I had to consider, when I made the choice of subject, was the background of the photo. The flat marshland, with the sun on my back, was a better backdrop than the road or the wetland behind. Actually, the whole framing of the photo is the same as with the Solitary Tree. It is a classic method to make a subject appear strong in the frame.



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