Bunker – A WWII Relic

Bunker - A WWII Relic
Bunker – A WWII Relic

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Bunker by Mike Jackobo

The interior of a bunker, built most probably during WWII. I discovered this construction completely by chance, as I went for work to the industrial area of Oinofita. It is next to a railroad bridge, with the river Asopos flowing below. Bridges are strategic places so they have to be protected in time of war. Also, another railroad bridge on the same river was sabotaged during the German occupation at World War 2. Adding all these facts, it seems logical for a fortified position to be constructed there.

The bunker by itself is in pretty good condition. There were some carvings on the walls but other than that everything was clean and  tidy. No garbage, not many rocks on the floor or anything else that gives away reckless visitors. It has to be mentioned that reconstruction was carried out recently. These old, abandoned places though, are usually filled with waste really quick.

The place is pretty small; I took the photo while standing in one side. While I was comparing the shots of the day, they seemed like variations on one subject. That’s why this will be the only photo I’ll post of the bunker. The exterior had a huge, colourful sign which destroyed every attempt to make a meaningful photo of the construction.

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