Giving Light (A Crescent on the Wall)

Giving Light
Giving Light

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Giving Light by Mike Jackobo

The sun falls upon the stone wall and dusty floor of a building, giving light in an otherwise dark and shadowy room. The building is an old, ruined mosque in Acrocorinth; the same one as with the Collapsed Dome photo.

The only windows in the building were on either side of the entrance and on the opposite wall. The room was very dark as a result of the lack of openings on the walls, hence every ray of light that entered through the windows created enormous contrast with the general mood in the room. Black and white is the best way to present such plays between light and shadows. There were some small plants growing amongst the fallen rocks so I used the infrared camera to extend the light pattern to the floor.

Usually, when we speak of geometry in photography, we mean straight lines, often intersecting one another. This photo is dominated by round, luminous shapes, which seem to be part of a bigger circle. I have found out that circular objects tend to dominate a composition and draw the eye of the viewer. So, although the theme and the composition are very simple, the photo overall appears very strong.

As stated earlier, I took the photo in an old mosque, which is the worship place for Muslims. The symbol of Islam is the crescent moon. As chance would have it, the shape created on the wall is almost a crescent. This is an appropriate symbol in regards to the symbolism of the photo.

Submitted in the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Shadow


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