Instagram and Twitter Posts from March 28 to April 9 2017

I haven’t presented a photo in the Photoblog for quite a long time. I have been active in Instagram and Twitter though. The photos I present here are the ones I can write a story about. This requires a lot more work but I feel it is worth the effort. They are the ones that will be picked for my portfolio and any collections I will make in the future. Because of that they deserve the extra work.

The photos I post in Instagram and Twitter are the ones that are good images but they don’t carry a story behind them. That way they become part of my body of work without spending much time over them. They are also a good way to keep my social profiles active. In this post I will present the photos I posted on these two social media platforms from March 28 to today, April 9.

Walkway to Land

A photo I took at Kavouri, near Athens. For this photo I did focus stacking in order to have all the elements in frame in focus.

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Pier to the Rocks

The location is the same as with the previous photo, only this time from the top of the stairs. Again I combined two photos; one with the couple and the other being a long exposure to make the sea appear flat.

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A bougainvillea in black and white. A waiter serving his costumers is seen in the background

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Small Business Space

A detail from the decoration of a store near my house.

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The window of an old public building in Colonus

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Open Space

Architectural Detail from a modern building near Athens

Tightrope Bicycle

A found object. I didn’t know that tightrope walking was called funambulism.

Young Maple Leaves

The title is quite self explanatory!

Pine Needles in Infrared

Again nothing more to say.

Flowered Tree

A flowered tree against the sky. A photo I always try to make in early spring.

Prophet Elijah Church in Lavrio

An infrared photo of the church.

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