4-12-16 (Through a Hole on a Wall)

4-12-16 (Through a Hole on a Wall)
4-12-16 (Through a Hole on a Wall)

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4-12-16 (Through a Hole on a Wall) by Mike Jackobo

The setting sun through a hole on a wall which has the date 4-12-16 written on it. Anyone who knows me and my photography, knows about my fascination with numbers. On the contrary, I really dislike sunset photos. I have done them in the past but I believe that it is a subject that has been overdone and the majority of the photos I see, are almost the same. That doesn’t mean I don’t like sunsets or that there are no exception to the rule.

One such exception was this photo. The date on the wall was something I just had to capture. The setting sun was behind the subject anyway, so I tried to find a way to have it in the frame. A frame within a frame is a good idea for a composition; especially if done properly. So, I got the camera really low in order to have the sun visible through the hole. The detail in the composition is the placement of the sun in the small frame created by the hole. In order to do it properly, I had to create a mini composition there as well.

That’s all regarding the photo of the setting sun through a hole on a wall and my thoughts behind the composition.

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