Enter the Shadow (or turn to the light)

Enter the Shadow
Enter the Shadow

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Enter the Shadow by Mike Jackobo

A doorway to enter the shadow. I made this photo at an abandoned building near Lavrio, in Attika. The theme of the image is of course the game between light and shadows.

There is something that draws me to this photo. I cant’t really tell what is it. The title I gave, came naturally to me. Maybe it is this that makes it captivating. The two doors on either side of the doorway make the photo look like an image through a mirror. A doorway is the passage to another world. Could it be that it is not a passage but a reflection of our own world? Many times we feel that we are wandering blind in the shadows. Yet, in order to have a shadow there needs to be light. Do we spend so much time in darkness that we have become insensitive to the presence of light?

Too many questions that don’t really have an answer. The only thing I can add is that we need to focus more on the light and leave the shadows behind. It only requires that we make a small turn and we will come to face the sun!

I don’t remember which photo was it, but I have had this experience before; and it was an infrared image again. The contrast between light and dark was so big and the composition was made in such a way that it made me had such philosophical thoughts about light and darkness. Maybe infrared is not just a window to a different reality but a doorway to enter the shadow of the inner self.

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