Pink Flowers Against the Blue Sky (A photo for the final month of Spring)

Pink Flowers Against the Blue Sky
Pink Flowers Against the Blue Sky

See this photo at EyeEm.

Pink Flowers Against the Sky by Mike Jackobo

A photo of some pink flowers against the blue sky. Although I present this photo at the beginning of May, I actually took it at the end of March. They are fruit flowers but to be honest, I don’t know for sure what type of fruit are they. I will make a wild guess and say that they are peach blossom flowers just because I have seen similar ones before. They are definitely not cherry flowers though.

The tree they were on was a young and small one. So, the flowers could really stand out against the sky without having many branches and leaves making a distracting background. The few branches were just enough to create an interesting composition with the two pink flowers. So although it is not exactly a minimal composition, it is simple enough to be interesting and make the subject obvious from the first glance.

All in all, have a happy month of May

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