Tree, Sea, Abstraction!

Tree, Sea, Abstraction by Mike Jackobo

In one word, I describe this photo of a Eucalyptus tree next to the sea in infrared as an abstraction. One of the definitions of ‘Abstraction’ in a dictionary is “freedom from representational qualities in art”. I could write an essay on abstract art but I don’t like long texts accompanying my photos, so I will keep things simple. By the way, the preceding sentence was the longest in this text…

There are many ways to write the accompanying text for my photographs. Sometimes I will try to describe how I came to make the photo. Other times, I will write about the composition and the technique I used to create the result. If I feel that there is a hidden message inside the photo, I will write about that. Rarely, I will try -and most probably fail- to write a small story based on the visual elements present. But…

There are times when I will just present a beautiful image. In those cases, I don’t think that there is a need to write many things. A beautiful photo can speak for itself hence, anything more is just useless noise.

This is how I feel about this image. Enjoy!

* with this and that, I still managed to write quite a lot!*

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