Barren Tree (early spring infrared)

Barren Tree
Barren Tree

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Barren Tree by Michael Jackobo

A barren tree captured in infrared during the afternoon hours at early spring. Early spring is a strange time of the year. On one hand, spring is associated with the awakening of nature. Days are getting noticeably longer, the weather becomes warmer and everything begins to bloom. Yet, amidst all these signs of change, the trees haven’t really sprouted their leaves. Those barren trees stand in contrast to the rest of nature, a reminder of the winter that just finished.

This barren tree is an example of this. I made the photo at the afternoon hours, at the Ides of March (more on that at the end). The contrast between the grass and the leafless tree shows the transition to the new season. Of course, the night was still longer than day, so it wasn’t yet full spring. I could say that the photo is a symbol of the state of limbo during the change of seasons.

Speaking from a different perspective, this is also a sign that every change is a gradual process. We should let it unfold on its own and not try to force it just because of our impatience.

* The Ides of March is the 15th of March. It’s a day remembered in history because it was the date that Julius Caesar was assassinated.

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