Outside of an Ancient House

Outside of an Ancient House
Outside of an Ancient House

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Outside of an Ancient House by Mike Jackobo

A tree stands outside the ruins of an ancient house in Orraon. The ancient town of Orraon is one of the most impressive but, at the same time, one of the less known archaeological sites in Greece. It was established in the 4th century BC by the tribe of Molossians. It served as a fortified settlement for the defence of the whole region controlled by the Molossians. This is evident by both the strong fortifications and the design of the houses. When the Romans invaded Epirus, in the 2nd century BC, Orraon was destroyed. It was rebuilt shortly after but when Emperor Augustus established Nikopolis, the inhabitants were forced to move to the new city.

I didn’t know about this place. I found out about it from an article online. It was easy for me to get there, when I could take some time off from work. In March I was able to to the trip to Epirus and amongst my plans, was a visit to ancient Orraon. The location is on top of a hill which overlooks the passage from the plains to the mountains.

The house in the photo is House A. It is the furthest from the entrance and the one in the  best condition out of hte houses still standing. The tree and the ruins are an excellent subject for photography and I feel that this is the best shot from my visit to this ancient town. I may visit Orraon again in the future; until then, this is my “postcard” from my first visit.

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