Black Trees

Black Trees by Mike Jackobo

Black Trees on a white background. An infrared image with strong backlight making the trees barks appear black. The biggest temptation in infrared photography is to constantly shoot trees. The effect of infrared photography, which makes the leaves appear white, is always impressive -especially when combined with a darkened sky. Here lies the problem; infrared is a technique and technique is not art. A photo with just the effect of infrared cannot tell anything to the viewer after the initial impression. That’s why I have made a rule for myself to avoid taking just photos of trees when using this technique.

Obviously, this photo is an exception to this rule. I have taken so many infrared photos, both in film and digital, that I can, more or less, predict the result before making the shot. When I saw the shape of the branches, under the strong back light from the sun, I felt that the result would be interesting. I made the shot and I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw. The mysterious and dreamy atmosphere in the background is an element that adds to the appeal of the photo. All these elements made me break my own rules and pick this photo for the Photoblog.

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