Hut Amongst Trees

Hut Amongst Trees
Hut Amongst Trees

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Hut Amongst Trees by Mike Jackobo

An infrared photo showing a hut amongst trees. To be honest, this isn’t a hut in the way we normally perceive this term. When we speak about a hut, we understand a wooden structure where people dwell. In this case though, it is a small wooden structure which functions as a toilet. People who are familiar with this place will understand it instantly. Strangers though, will not understand it and that is the reason I made the shot.

In a way, I could say that it matches the “Black Trees” photo I presented the other day. Both are Black and White Infrared shots and in both photos, the branches of the trees play an important role. Another thing to note -and one that is inherent to photography- is how much different the scene looks from reality. These are the only trees in a wide marshland. Yet, with the way I framed the photo, it looks like a plain full of bushes. So, there are actually two false impressions in this photo; one is the function of the wooden structure and the other is the surrounding area. This is an important aspect of photography. A photograph doesn’t depict reality; it depicts the reality that the photographer wants to show.

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