Boat Ashore

Boat Ashore
Boat Ashore

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Boat Ashore by Mike Jackobo

Boat Ashore. More specifically, a fishing boat pulled out of the sea and under a gate-like, rectangular structure. This image is in some way a continuation of the Logarou Lagoon series of photos. The day I took it and the general area were the same but the lagoon is different! I made the photo at Tsoukaliou Lagoon.

This photo poses some questions that I can’t find the answer to. The first and most important, what is this rectangular, concrete structure for. There is no other structure on the coast, apart from a house nearby, but it has no apparent relation to the “gate”. In the left of the frame, there is a half-sunk boat. Not visible in the photo, there are more boats that appear abandoned. Why are all those boats just left there? Another question: Where did these mosquitoes come from? I honestly don’t remember any mosquitoes!

Anyway, things are how they are and there is nothing I can do about it. Regarding the presentation now. I felt that since the dominant element in the frame is an almost square structure, I should present it in square format. I also tried converting it to black and white but something was lost in the atmosphere of the photo. So, I decided to leave it as it is and just make the necessary adjustments and present it in colour.

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