Fishermen at Northern Amvrakikos Gulf

Fishermen at Northern Amvrakikos Gulf
Fishermen at Northern Amvrakikos

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Fishermen at Northern Amvrakikos Gulf by Mike Jackobo

Two fishing boats at Logarou Lagoon, in Northern Amvrakikos Gulf. This is not industrial level fishing but closer to the traditional way. In this post, I will write about how fishing, or maybe fish farming, in the area.

As I mentioned in the introduction photo, two rivers flow into the gulf. For this reason, there are many marshlands and lagoons. These bodies of water are rich in nutrients and young fish find their way into them for food and shelter from large sea predators. When they grow bigger, they leave the shelter of the lagoon and head to the open sea.

Naturally, humans wanted to take advantage of this. So, they made small barriers at the narrow points where the closed bodies of water meet the open sea. Those barriers are small enough to allow the circulation of the water and small fish to enter but block the way to larger fish. Therefore, as young fish grew large and couldn’t get out, the lagoons and the marshlands became fish farms. This way, it was easier for fishermen to make a living out of the sea. I don’t know if those fishermen in the photo take advantage of this situation, but they might as well do.

This is what I had to say about fishing at northern Amvrakikos Gulf. The image which inspired this text carries along the tranquillity of the calm sea in the morning hours; the time I made the photo.

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