Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo

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Pink Flamingo by Mike Jackobo

A lone pink flamingo at Logarou Lagoon, in Amvrakikos Gulf. Two fishermen in their boat do their job nearby. This is the last post about northern Amvrakikos Gulf; for the time being at least. Large protected bodies of water in temperate climates, attract migratory seabirds. So, every year in spring there are numerous species who either stop on their way to warmer locations or settle for the summer in the area. Naturally, this place is an Important Bird Area.

This was the first year I decided to go looking for those birds in the area. Locals told me that there weren’t as many birds in comparison to previous years. Nevertheless, one of the places I visited was full of flamingos. It was the first time that I saw flamingos up close in nature. They do look magnificent! A few days after that experience, I made this photo. The flamingo was walking in the water alone. It was far enough from me to feel comfortable and it didn’t seem to care about the fishermen that much. So I waited for it to get to the right spot and I made the shot.

Although a simple image, it fits with the story narrated by the previous two photos

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